Adding comments

The Add Comment action makes it possible to add comments to an email. Split regexp can be used keep only the first part of the email body before a pattern that is specified in the regexp.

Note: Multiple regular expressions can be defined (each on a new line) and they must begin and end with a / sign, like: /Re:/

Important: During processing, before splitting the mail body by a regexp, the whole body is converted to Jira wiki format. The regexp is applied on the converted value after this process.

For more details, see Using split regexp.

Visibility allows you to restrict the comment added by the mail handler. The values are grouped into the following groups:

  • Service Management: allows for making the comment private

  • Project Roles: allows you to restrict comment visibility on Project Roles

  • Groups allows you to restrict comment visibility on Groups

If you don't want to put any restriction on the comment, just set it to All Users.

The Add comment action has the same Attachment handling strategies as the creating an issue action has. See Creating an issue.

Note: Comments now can be added to sub-tasks in Service Management projects. The visibility of the comments can be internal, but attachments cannot be internal.

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