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Incoming Mail Log

This page is intended to explain the functionalities of Email This Issue's Incoming Mail Log.

General Information

The Incoming mail log shows detailed logs about all incoming emails processed by Email This Issue.
It is useful for investigating the lifecycle of an email after we receive and process it.
If you can't find an email in the Incoming Mail log (or the Incoming mail queue) it means that we did not receive the email due to external reasons (such as someone opening the email in the mailbox before we can start processing it).

Log actions

Searching for an email

If you're looking for a particular mail item or would like to see only a certain amount of items/within a pre-set time range/category you can run a search within the mail log:
Incoming mail log - Search function
In the Search section, you can carry out the following actions:
  • Search for an expression in the issue/email such as the issue key and summary, from/to/cc/bcc recipients, email subject and email body
  • Select the maximum amount of emails to show
    • the available packages are 10, 100, 200, 500, 1000 items
  • Narrow the search by the category of the processing results
    • all: returns all emails from all the categories
    • fetch email: this is a temporary storage status for emails just being processed.
    • filter email: returns skipped emails that were filtered by the mail handler
    • execute handler: returns emails that were received by the mail handler and were either successfully processed or failed to be processed
  • Set a time range for Processed/Received emails for
    • the last 7 days
    • the last 15 days
    • the last 30 days
    • the last 90 days
    • All time
When you press the Search button, the results will be listed on the bottom of the page and can be expanded by pressing the expand button.

Log examples

In this section, you can see some examples of all kinds of logs to help you understand them.

Execute handler - Succeeded log

When the Execute handler category is selected and/or an email with the result Succeeded is expanded, the log details explain how the handler processed the email and what were the exact steps of the processing.
In this example, the message was successfully processed by the mail handler (called "test incoming"). The sender was recognized as a registered user (a customer to be specific) and the actions were carried out in its name. No issue was found for the incoming email, therefore the "Issue not found" branch was executed in the handler which creates a new request in the ITSM project.
Incoming mail log - Succeeded item
The log is based on the following mail handler actions:
Example handler for a succeeded log

Execute handler - Failed log

When the Execute handler category is selected and/or an email with the result Failed is expanded, the log details explain how the handler processed the email and what were the exact steps of the processing as well as what was the reason for the email's failure. Please note that in most cases we return errors from either Jira or JSM and even though we have access to the root cause of the error, the logs may not reflect them.
In this example, the message was processed by the mail handler (called "Andris Mail Handler") but it failed to create an issue.
The error says:
ERROR: Could not execute 'Create issue' with user 'example':
Request creation failed:
{null=REST (
call resulted abnormally: 400, Bad Request}
ERROR: Last handler action failed, stop further processing.
This is an error not in our app, but in Jira Service Management and it usually refers to missing custom field values that are marked as 'required' at creation. If you encounter one such error, let us know in a support request and we'll investigate it for you.
Incoming mail log - Failed item

Filter email (skipped) log

When the Filter email category is selected or an email with the result Skipped is expanded, the log details explain why the email has not been further processed by the handler. In this example, the message was skipped because it is an auto-reply mail and the mail handler filtering is set to skip auto-reply emails.
Incoming mail log - Skipped item

Additional actions

The following two additional actions are available in the Incoming Mail Queue and these should only be used with caution:
  • Delete all in search: Permanently deletes all log items currently in search. Note that the deleted items will not be present in the Incoming Mail Queue either if deleted.
Incoming mail log - Delete all in search
  • Collapse all details: collapses all expanded email items.
Incoming mail log - Collapse all details