Doing the migration

Email This Issue uses Atlassian’s Jira Cloud Migration Assistant for the migration. For information on how to use this tool, please refer to the Atlassian Cloud migration guide.

1. In the Assess your apps phase select the Needed in cloud option for Email This Issue.

2. In the Prepare your app phase - Install your apps step make sure Email This Issue is installed on your Cloud site:

3. Wait for the migration to complete

There are three stages of the migration progress:

  • 0% - 49% The migration has started and is in progress on the On-prem side or it is being transformed. This step might take from a couple of seconds to even a couple of hours depending on the amount of emails being moved from the On-Prem to the Cloud.

  • 50% - 99% The migration is in progress and data is being imported into the Cloud instance

  • 100% - The migration is finished. The result of the migration could be either Success or Failed.


During the migration, it might be the case that you see the following message:

Import finished, however there was an error during the import of manual email permissions. Please review 'Send Issues in Email' permissions in your Permissions Schemes.

This means that your configuration and operational data imports are finished successfully, but there was a problem when importing the permissions to send emails manually.

If you are using your Cloud instance with a free plan, the import of the permissions will always fail, because free Jira plans don't grant access to the permission schemes.

You should check it in the Jira Permission Schemes that all manual email permissions that were created prior to the migration are removed and you should add every permission that was configured in your On-prem installation to every active Permission Scheme in your Cloud instance.

On the On-prem side, you can find these settings under the Permissions and Condition for Sending Emails Manually section of the General Configuration settings.

If you need help on how to configure permissions on your Cloud instance, please refer to our Permissions documentation.

In case of any other error, please contact our support team with the following information:

  • The transfer ID of the migration (shown in the error message)

  • The target Jira Cloud URL

  • The date and time of the migration (including the timezone)

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