Migration with unsupported Jira versions causes errors

App migration is not possible due to an unsupported app version:


Migration from on-prem to cloud instances is usually supported on the latest version of our application.

If you are using a Jira version that is unsupported by the latest on-prem version of our app, migration will not be possible and you will see a version on the below error message (app version may vary):

The reason for this behaviour is that we are trying to minimize possible errors stemming from bugs during the migration process.

As we fix them along the way, we are introducing new versions of our applications and supporting newer Jira versions.


The easiest way to get around this issue is to check supported Jira versions of our application on Atlassian Marketplace and update your Jira.

If that is not possible, reach out to us with your current on-prem Jira and Email This Issue versions and we will do our best to help with the migration.

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