Setting up rules and actions in the actions editor

In the actions editor, the following can be added:

  • Conditions (IF, ELSE)

  • Actions (Create issue/request, Add comment, Execute transition, Autoreply, etc.)

Conditions and actions can be added under each other and are executed in that order they appear on the list on the left side. Whenever you click on a condition or an action, their details appear on the right side. Any modification to the properties of the action or a condition appear immediately on the left side.

Actions added to a condition are executed if the given IF or ELSE condition is evaluated to be true. There are some special actions, like Set field value that can be added under other actions like Create issue/request or Execute transition.

Note: In such cases, these child actions are executed together with the parent action in a single step. For example, when a new issue is created, fields can be initialized as well in a single transaction, to avoid sending several "Issue updated" notification emails that would be generated if these actions were executed separately.

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