How to configure the Email This Issue addon user in Jira Cloud?

Each Jira Cloud addon has its own user account created in the Jira Cloud systems where the addon is enabled. The Email This Issue addon user is called Email This Issue with username addon_com.metainf.jira.plugin.emailissue.

The addon user must be properly configured to benefit from all features and exploits all potentials of Email This Issue for Jira Cloud. The use cases that require special attention are the following:

Sending manual (ad-hoc) emails

In order to send issues in emails manually, the add-on user must have at least read access to the issue.

  • Add Browse Projects and Add Comments permissions to the addon user.

    • Make sure the addon user is member of the project role atlassian-addons-project-access

    • Grant Browser Projects, Add Comments for this project role in the permission scheme

  • Add the add-on user to all Issue Security levels either directly or via the addon project role (as described above).

Sending emails to individual users and groups

To send emails to individual users and group Browse Users Global Permission is needed.

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