Mail Queue

To access the list of the mail items that are being sent via Email This Issue, go to the Administration configuration tab, and choose Outgoing Mail Queue under the OUTGOING MAILS menu item.

Refresh the page by clicking the Active Queue button to show the current items.

Error Queue

If an email cannot be sent due to some errors, it is placed on the Error Queue. The Error Queue contains detailed error information for each mail item and helps to detect the root cause of the error.

It is possible to resend the failed items by clicking the middle button on the right next to the desired log entry. Resending means that the mail item is placed on the mail queue for scheduled delivery.

Re-queuing failed emails

By clicking on the "Requeue 2w" button all failed emails from the last two weeks will be sent out again. The individual requeuing of failed emails does not have any limitations in time range.

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