Updating an issue

The Update issue action can be used for updating (setting field values to) an existing issue. Currently, it has no parameters. By default, it does nothing. Add Set field value actions under this action to update multiple fields in a single step. For more information, see Setting field values.

Suppressing Jira's built-in notifications

By default, Jira sends a notification about every issue update. This notification can be suppressed by enabling this option. Please note that to use this option, Administer Jira or Administer Project permissions are required.

If you try to suppress Jira's built-in notification while updating an issue and you do not have the required permissions, you get an exception saying "To discard the user notification either admin or project admin permissions are required". If you see this error message in the incoming log, disable the suppress feature, and grant permission to the user or use fallback to a default reporter who has the required permission.


Note: Due to Jira's permission handling, a customer cannot update a request even if the reporter is the customer itself. As a solution for this, a default reporter must be set as a fallback option, so the action can be performed in case of missing permissions.

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