Mail Handler New UI

A new and modern skin for Mail Handlers


Mail Handler in Email This Issue is the app's most popular feature. Our intention behind creating a new UI was to present an interface that is easy to use, easy to see through, and that is better suited to modern needs.

At the moment, both skins are present in Email this issue for all users. All the Mail Handlers can be viewed and edited under both menu points In the long run, it is planned to replace the old skin. If you still use the original skin, please consider trying out the new one, and give us feedback, especially in case you miss something or have any problems using it.

All the saved changes made while using one of the skins are shown on the other skin as well. In other words, the Mail Handler entities are not duplicated, they can be viewed and edited in two different skins.

How to set a Mail Handler on the new UI?

Creating a new Mail Handler

After the Add button is clicked, a panel with four templates is going to be opened. Select the desired Mail Handler template and hit the Next button.

On the Create new Handler screen type in the Handler name, choose at least one Incoming Mail Connection, and set a Default reporter if needed.

After clicking on the Save button, the Mail Handlers list page will be opened.

In case the Incoming Connection is not working for some reason, the Connection is marked as red.

The Status shows if the Handler is switched ON or OFF.

There are three different Actions next to a Mail Handler. These are in the order of appearance:

  • Configure Handler

  • Edit Handler

  • Delete Handler

Configuring a Mail Handler

  • Filter emails

  • Find issue

  • Rules and Actions

Filter emails

Available filters can be switched ON or OFF by using the toggle.

Find Issue

Alongside the two finders from the old Handler UI (Lookup by mail headers and Lookup by JQL), the Lookup by issue key finder can also be seen on the Find issue tab. As this is the default method, it cannot be modified or switched off.

Rules and Actions

The new Rules and Action tab is quite different from the old one.

Start to add items by clicking on the Add Item button.

Clicking the button opens a dialog with all the available rules and actions to choose from.

After choosing an item, a right-hand panel opens where all the settings can be done for the action. Until there is anything missing, the item remains red.

There is an additional Add item button under the action, where applicable. For example, the Set field action can be found under the Create issue action.

Easy editing

Items can be moved around by drag and drop. Move the cards around to find out where it is possible to place them.


The new Mail Handler UI highly encourages to use of Condition Groups instead of conditions under each other.

Usually Conditions Groups are a better alternative since they are easier to manage and overview.

A single Condition contains an IF, may contain multiple IFELSE, and finally an ELSE branch.

A Condition Group can contain multiple Conditions. Condition Groups are like brackets β€œ()” in math, where Conditions can be connected with AND/OR actions. This is the suggested way to create complex Condition structures.

Saving a Mail Handler

On the top right corner, a warning message appears if there are unsaved items. If the Save button is clicked, the message shows the Last saved time.


An overview of the created Mail Handler is available in HTML, JSON, and image formats.

To get an Overview, choose the Overview button at the top of the Rules and Actions tab.

With the Download All button, all three formats will be downloaded at once.

Please send the downloaded files if you contact our support team in relation to the Mail Handler to provide us with a better understanding of your problem.

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