9.2.2 Improvements and fixes

What’s new

  • Next Gen Handler now finds users even if the sender address is the username

  • Add "Comment by..." for comments added from external senders' emails in Software and Work Management projects

  • Values from a regular expression are now accepted as part of a JQL condition

  • Shorten the length of incoming emails to the character limit set in Jira - Feature change

  • Global Email Address Exlcusion List for Incoming Mail Handler - New feature

  • Shared Mailbox Support is now available for MS Outlook

What’s fixed

  • Email This Issue notification on EventBundle works again

  • Nullpointer Exception in update last fetch is now fixed

  • MS word variables in the email are now supported

  • Disabled User Sender condition works again

  • Error 500 (Internal server error) if emails contain large images - fixed

  • POP3 can delete emails again depending on mail server settings

  • Webhooks are now working correctly with MS Teams and logging is extended

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