Major improvements and fixes

What's new?

  • Support for Microsoft Graph API in Outgoing Connections

  • Support for backup / restore and migrating Incoming and Outgoing graph connections

What's fixed?

  • Fixed Outgoing and Incoming Mail Queues for Oracle database

  • Fixed duplicated emails in Event Notifications

  • Issues can be found if the email subject contains non-breaking-spaces

  • Fix for displaying Message IDs in the Incoming Mail Log

  • Fixed temporary attachment storage

    However false attachment numbering problem (caused by previously uploaded but then not sent temporary attachments) is fixed, this will affect only attachments that are being uploaded after version 9.9.0. If the previously (on Email this Issue 9.8 or previous versions) uploaded temporary attachment names still cause an issue, please follow the steps to remove them manually:

    • To clean the database: find the tempattachmentsmonitor table and delete the unnecessary entries

    • To get rid of the files: go to the <jira-home>/caches/tmp_attachments folder, and delete the temp files from there, where the file names are the same as the file_name attribute in the table rows above

  • Various email processing related issues (downloading and sending emails using different connection modes)

  • Raised minimum supported Jira version to 8.10.0

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