Email This Issue
Email This Issue - for Jira Server/Data Center

Up to 8.0.6

Version 8.0.6 - NextGen handler to set mandatory fields in Service Desk, various improvements and fixes

What's new
  • (JETI-2086) Improve Attachment Policy in Notifications and Post functions
  • (JETI-2457) Set Mandatory Fields via NextGen Handler and pre-validate the handler during configuration
  • (JETI-2487) Handle description character size limitations in case of create issue action
  • (JETI-2330) Add Project and Issue Type Pickers with search capabilities
  • (JETI-2526) Cluster wide locking for Data Center instances
What's fixed
  • (JETI-2333) Deleting the Else condition in the NextGen handler eliminates it from the Add Action menu as well
  • (JETI-1753) User, priority, issue type avatars cannot be embedded in outgoing emails
  • (JETI-2485) Comments added in Jira Software/Core projects with Default visibility are labelled as Restricted
  • (JETI-2495) Comments including all email details are added in incorrect format after manual email sending
  • (JETI-2500) New customers are always added to request participants
  • (JETI-2550) Number field rendering does not work using the general #renderCustomField() macro
  • (JETI-2557) Setting max worker threads fail if active threads are running
  • (JETI-2583) Error if empty email body for create software project issue

Version - Jira 8.10.0 compatibility

  • We have made Email This Issue compatible with Jira 8.10.0

Version 8.0.5 - Minor improvements and fixes

What's new
  • (JETI-2473) Bounce email templates should quote original email's body and subject
  • (JETI-2421) Improve logging for SMTP Connections
  • (JETI-2420) Improve logging for POP/IMAP accounts & Next Gen Incoming Mail log
  • (JETI-2330) Add Project and Issue Type Pickers with search capabilities
  • (JETI-2335) Description field to contexts
What's fixed

Version 8.0.4/ - UI translations, incredible productivity improvement for templates and many long awaited fixes

What's new
What's fixed
  • (JETI-1768) External email senders received notification on their own email
  • (JETI-2034) Customer Notification emails contain links to attachments in Jira instead of the Customer portal
  • (JETI-2360) Public comments that are added by the defautl reporter should not stop SLAs
  • (JETI-2380) Nex-gen handler error: You don't have permission to invite customers to this Service Desk
  • (JETI-2064) Tables are rendered into templates without borders
  • (JETI-2023) Comment gets added to the manual email body in invalid format
  • (JETI-2385, JETI-1885) Images pasted into the manual email editor did not show up correctly in comments and Email Log
  • (JETI-2453) Permissions and Condition for Sending Emails Manually, roles and groups are combined incorrectly

Version 8.0.3/ Next-gen mail handler improvements, iOS Mail App problem fixed, Jira 8.8.0

What's new
What's fixed
  • (JETI-2270) Mail Handlers could not be created in Firefox browser
  • (JETI-2342) Completion of URLs in the Template Editor for mailto and tel protocols
  • (JETI-2365) Not all recipients are saved in next-gen handlers
  • (JETI-2393) Classic Mail Handler details show language resource keys instead of names

Version 8.0.2- New features (GDPR), Next-gen mail handler improvements and fixes

What's new
  • (JETI-2294) Support for User Anonymization / GDRP (documentation)
  • (JETI-2316) Mail Accoun supports IMAP folders (documentation)
  • (JETI-1698) Support for Jira Text Editor in the email screen
  • (JETI-2083) Compatibility with latest version of JEditor
  • (JETI-2318) Allow setting javamail properties for Mail Accounts via Jira startup options
  • (JETI-2326) Add email address exclusion to Save Senders and Recipients action (documentation)
  • (JETI-1818) Allow saving recipients from To or CC in Save Recipients action (documentation)
What's fixed
  • (JETI-2341) Embedded images of incoming emails are not displayed in email audit log
  • (JETI-2346) Browse Users Global permission not considered when searching for recipients

Version 8.0.1 - Critical bugs fixed, recommended update

Critical bugs fixed.

Version 8.0.0 - Major Update with Awesome New Features: Next-gen Mail Handler, IMAP/POP, Backup/Restore

What's new
We worked hard on this release. See the complete release notes here.

Version 7.1.5 - New features and fixes

What's new
What's fixed
  • (JETI-2110) HTML/XML tags in incoming TEXT emails are lost
  • (JETI-2142) Invalid mail item blocks SMTP connection to deliver the items on the outgoing mail queue
  • (JETI-2080) Field Rule does not use correct encoding in field mapping
  • (JETI-1940) Suppress "Unable to parse incoming In-Reply-To header appears in the log."
  • (JETI-1933) Attachment duplication patterns cannot be deleted, if there are too many

Version 7.1.4 - Fix for duplicate comment notifications in Service Desk

What's fixed
  • (JETI-2137) Duplicate notifications on comments in Service Desk projects

Version 7.1.3 - Important fixes and improvements

What's new
  • (JETI-2113) Modify email subject in email screen based on the selected template
  • (JETI-2051) Execute workflow transitions by ID in Field Rules
What's fixed
  • (JETI-2127) Emails sent by customers are not added to Service Requests if handler is configured to always add internal comments
  • (JETI-2078) Attachments not displaying correctly if added as a thumbnail, and thumbnails are disabled
  • (JETI-2079) Not every recipient email addresses are converted to users in the Email Log/Emails tab
  • Email Priority in workflow post function shows the saved values

Version 7.1.2 - Important fixes and Jira 8.4 compatibility

What's new
What's fixed
  • (JETI-2052) Support custom fields with the same name in the recipient selector
  • (JETI-2027) Attach files so that they can be previewed before download
  • (JETI-1391) Not triggering JSD automation rules when comments are added via email
  • Double quotes replaced with single quotes in Subject field of the templates.

Version - Important fixes and Jira 8.3 compatibility

What's New:
  • Compatibility with Jira 8.3
What's Fixed:
  • (JETI-2090) Memory leak in Velocity API
  • (JETI-2091) Attachments not shown in comments added when sending manual emails
  • (JETI-2089) Exception when sending autoreply emails using synchronous mail delivery
  • (JETI-2092) The description for Issue Attachment Selector custom field is missing

Version - Improvements and bugfixes

What's New:
  • (JETI-1894) Render Customer Visible Status in templates #renderCustomerVisibleStatus($!issue)
  • (JETI-2038) Allow rendering custom fields by its name alternatively to the field keys
  • (JETI-2060) Add Fingerprint header to emails sent via SMTP Connections configured in Email This Issue
  • (JETI-2071) Improve Manual Email Default settings to set comment visiblity to SD Public or Internal
What's Fixed:
  • (JETI-1910) BCC recipients cannot be set in Manual Email Defaults
  • (JETI-2047) Attachments are broken in emails sent via SMTP in Email This Issue
  • (JETI-2056) Transitions incorrectly executed upon manual email sending
  • (JETI-2066) Reply emails starting with the split regex expression are not processed
  • (JETI-2072) Template macros are visible in rendered email (Velocity threading problem)

Version - Support for multiple SMTP Servers and more improvements

What's New:
  • (JETI-322) Support multiple SMTP servers​
  • (JETI-1618) Add manual email as comment in the service desk request: Public or Internal comment
  • (JETI-1652) Email preview shows a warning if no recipients have been selected
  • (JETI-1681) Allow the use of regular expressions in the Email Address Exclusion field
  • (JETI-2048) Split Regex for New Issues in the mail handler
  • (JETI-1511) Show Field Rule Regex matches in green in Test Mode
  • (JETI-1599) Add comments using Field Fules
What's Fixed:
  • (JETI-1599) Short email addresses are not correctly recognized as email addresses
  • (JETI-1971) Distribution list causes Velocity error in the notification screens

Version - Improvements and Jira8 compatibility fixes

What's New:
  • (JETI-1845) Configure Context with an optional Reply-to address besides From Address
  • Bounce Filter Rules add an entry to Mail Handler Log to prevent repeated bouncing
What's Fixed:
  • (JETI-1812) "Organizations" field doesn't show in JETI Email Template
  • (JETI-1852) Organization members don't get notification when a shared issue is created
  • Minor Jira8 compatibility problem (Bulk email sending, issue screen)

Version - Jira 8.0.0 / Service Desk 4.0.0 compatibility

This version contains changes necessary to support the latest and greatest Jira versions.

Version - Bug fixes

What's Fixed
  • (JETI-1802) Request Created Notification not sent to customers
  • (JETI-1852) Organization members don't get notification when a shared issue is created
  • (JETI-1935) Offset in portal ID in emails
  • (JETI-1937) Notification with JQL conditions may not be sent correctly for Service Desk projects
  • (JETI-1833) Service Desk fields not rendered correctly in emails
  • (JETI-1922) Multiline text fields are rendered without line breaks

Version - Minor improvements and fixes

What's New
  • (JETI-1813) Add email Sender's Name as Display Name of new customers
  • (JETI-1907) Access ComponentAccessor in templates
  • (JETI-1927) FIeld rules to set multiple values in Components
What's Fixed
  • (JETI-1925) Email is automatically sent when change to new scren or old screen

Version - Data Center Compatible version and minor improvements

What's New
  • Data Center compatible version
What's Fixed
  • Field Context menu problem
  • Better handling of errors uploading attachment from email

Version - New Field Rule features and improvements

What's New
What's Fixed

Version - Minor improvements and fixes

What's New
  • (JETI-1892) Support event type names in templates
  • (JETI-1864) Conditions in Customer Notifications
What's Fixed
  • (JETI-1863) Notification sent to Reporter although removed from the "Notification"
  • (JETI-1883) JIRA font changes when in the plugin configuration pages

Version - Custom distribution lists and bugfixes

What's New
What's Fixed
  • Recipient Picker does not complete the search for recipients
  • (JETI-1881) New mail handler is created automatically, if the configured project is deleted
  • (JETI-1849) Template preview does not display a warning if issue key is not provided

Version - New recipient pickers, improvements and bugfixes

What's New
  • (JETI-1435) Improved recipient selector component (results more precise selection of recipients and in faster load of screens)
  • (JETI-1850) New conditions in notifications (type of actor and visibility of comments)
  • (JETI-1871) Memory usage optimizations
  • (JETI-1715) Rich text editor embedded instead of loading from CDN
  • (JETI-1826) New options in setting CC recipients in Customer Notifications
  • (JETI-1864) New comment visibility option in Service Desk mail handlers
What's Fixed
  • (JETI-1700) Multi-line text fields not rendered correctly in HTML emails.
  • (JETI-1831) Email Address Exclusion inaffective when saving users to user picker fields
  • (JETI-1863) Customer notifications sent to Reporter even if Reporter is not selected (Note: Important to edit-and-save all Customer Notifications)
  • (JETI-1870) Wiki markup formatting lost in emails sending list of issues
  • (JETI-1873) Validation of Context when both Template and Body Initializer Template were empty

Version - Improvements and bugfix release

What's New
  • (JETI-1791) Support To and Cc recipients separately in Field Rules.
  • (JETI-1810) Support for My changes: Do not notify me in workflow post functions.
  • (JETI-1829) Make comments available in email templates used by JETI post function
  • (JETI-1832) Improve logging of field rule processing
  • (JETI-1835) Enable Browser Spell Check in Rich Text Editor
  • Updated version of the Rich Text Editor
What's Fixed
  • (JETI-1792) Editing internal comment then switching to external sends both to customer
  • (JETI-1817) SD notification handler fails JQL filtering
  • (JETI-1822) Email log not populated on subtasks correctly
  • (JETI-1827) ClassCastException IMAPMessage casting to MimeBodyPart
  • (JETI-1572) #renderComment() not working

Version - Bugfix release

What's New
What's Fixed
  • (JETI-1803) Sending individual emails with empty to fails
  • (JETI-1792) Editing internal comment then switching to external sends both to customer
  • (JETI-1790) Newly created customers are not set as reporter
  • (JETI-1788) Empty Field Returns current time when using jira date formatter

Version - Send Issue List in Email and Send Individual Emails

What's New
What's Fixed
  • (JETI-1793) "Mail as me" is overridden by the Context's From Address and Sender Name
  • (JETI-1739) jEditor image links are not correct

Version - Bug fixes and Context Validation improvements

What's New
  • (JETI-1786) Improved validation of Context: do not allow duplicate scope
What's Fixed
  • (JETI-1784) Attachment selector field loses value
  • Reply emails missing from Audit Log

Version - Bug fixes and Field Rule improvements

What's New
  • (JETI-1780) Refer to issue fields in Field Rule Regular Expressions
What's Fixed
  • (JETI-1781) Comment properties fixed in Service Desk (internal, public)

Version - Automated cleanup of the audit log and bugfixes

What's New
  • (JETI-1712) Automated purge of Mail Log Entries
  • New app logo and icon
What's Fixed
  • (JETI-1779) Customer recognition fails when customer is member of Organization
  • (JETI-1773) "commented by" added for Service Desk Customers commenting via email

Version - Remove mail items from the audit log (useful for GDPR compliance)

What's New
  • (JETI-1614) Ability to manually delete emails from email audit log (automated purge of email log comes soon)
What's Fixed
  • (JETI-1771) MD5 filtering crashes with Microsoft SQL

Version 7.1.1 - Major new features and improvements

What's New
What's Improved
What's Fixed
  • (JETI-1716) renderUser creates broken link
  • (JETI-1726) Jira API errors are added to the email
  • Mail Handlers creating issues instead of comments to existing issues in certain cases

Version - New features and fixes

Version - SD Event Improvement and a Bugfix

  • Improved: SD Event handling when inbound emails with attachments comment requests
  • Fixed: Email reply without templates​​

Version - Bug fixes and Reply email template

  • New: Select a template in the Context to use when replying to an email
  • Fixed: Email rendering problems with builtin velocity macros
  • Fixed: Send attachments added during workflow transitions
  • Fixed: Email body not saved in Email Audit Log in certain cases
  • Fixed: Issue type and priority icons in emails

Version - Bug fixes in Notifications and support for nFeed fields

  • New: Render nFeed fields in email templates, use NFeed User field as recipients
  • Fixed: error in event notifications
  • Fixed: changelog filters for certain issue fields

Version - Bug fixes and Improvements

  • ​JETI-1667: Fixed - Changelog filter did not match field names correctly due to changes in Jira API
  • ​JETI-1610: Fixed - Set Epic links using field rules
  • ​JETI-1666: Improved - Bulk exclude user groups from recipients list. Useful if thousands of groups are synced from AD/LDAP
  • ​JETI-1670: Improved - Fine grained control of how attachments are disabled / enabled globally
Many additional issues have been fixed in this version.

Version - Important fixes and Improvements

  • ​JETI-1587: Fixed - Email fields not rendered correctly under some circumstances
  • Improvement: Configure Mail Handler with how to treat emails sent from Jira instances
  • Improvement: Configure Mail Handler to ignore email headers when looking up issues for emails. This is useful to avoid the confusing situation of sending an email without issue key in the subject and still commenting seemingly unrelated issues.

Version - Bugfixes and improvements

  • ​JETI-1651: Fixed - HTML tags in comments
  • ​JETI-1516: Improved - Internal Jira users (agents, collaborators) are not added as request participants
  • ​JETI-1637: Fixed - Contexts with JQL are resolved incorrectly when Customers add comment via the portal
  • ​JETI-1639: Fixed: EmailService OSGi API component
  • ​JETI-1643: Improved - Enable/Disable notifications
  • ​JETI-1646: Improved - Public Comment Added notifications are sent when comments are added during an issue operation or workflow transition

Version - Bugfixes and improvements

  • ​JETI-1479 Fixed: Issue icons added as attachments
  • ​JETI-1594 Fixed: Empty notification to customers on internal comments
  • ​JETI-1603 Fixed: Avatars rendering in emails and email log
  • ​JETI-1522 Improved: Retention of HTML format in Wiki markup renderers
  • ​JETI-1591 Improved: Render list of worklogs in email templates
  • ​JETI-1593 Improved: Customer notification on their on changes and option to override this
  • Improved: Request Participant handling
  • Improved: Email log shows event name

Version - Improved retention of email formatting and fixes

  • ​[JETI-1522] Convert HTML Emails to Wiki Markup
  • ​[JETI-1518] New Mail Handler Strategy: Create Issues and Log Emails (do not add comments)
  • ​[JETI-1581] Fixed: Reply function does not prefill email body
  • ​[JETI-1588] Fixed: Mail Handler Error Clear All entries
  • ​[JETI-1600] Fixed: Plain text file attached to emails
  • ​[JETI-1602] Fixed: Changelog filter on Components in event notifications

Version - Various fixes

  • [JETI-1548] - Workflow postfunctions with JQL not working when Customers create issues via the portal
  • [JETI-1555] - Incoming email attachments of inlined images not linked in email log
  • [JETI-1559] - Email tab to prevent CSS vulnarability

Version - New feature in templates and fixes

  • ​Render existing templates in other templates, forget duplicate template code
  • Email Body initialization is applied when replying or forwaring emais manually
  • Removed error log for Jira instances not using Service Desk
  • Render public comments in email

Version 7.1 - Major new features, Rich Text Editor, Customer Notifications and more

Major improvements

Further improvements

Version 7.0.26 - Various Improvements and fixes

New features and improvements

  • [JETI-1425] - Choose service desk request type in Mail Handler
  • [JETI-1440] - Access to issue entity properties in templates
  • [JETI-1443] - Show email tab in readonly mode


  • [JETI-1252] - Email This Issue-Screen shows Wiki-toolbar
  • [JETI-1436] - If reporter is in CC of a reply, he/she gets added to the Request Participants

Version 7.0.25 - UI and Service Desk Improvements and fixes

New features and improvements

  • [JETI-1307] - Service Desk handler to create customers upon sending reply emails
  • [JETI-1363] - Add complete email body to email audit log
  • [JETI-1399] - Service Desk notifications: custom templates for Customers Created, Participants Added events.
  • [JETI-1402] - Allow setting multiple labels with a single field rule
  • Streamlined user interface in configuration screen


  • [JETI-1223] - Alert appears when navigating away from the Templates admin page
  • [JETI-1405] - $changelogauthor referenced incorrectly

Version 7.0.24 - New features and various fixes

New features and improvements

  • [JETI-1369] - Show attachments in Email Preview
  • [JETI-1345] - Request participants - Notify them that they have been Added
  • [JETI-1352] - Support users with spaces in their user names
  • [JETI-1364] - Expose change items from the changelog to the templates
  • [JETI-1384] - Reply to emails created the issue should render the subject according to templates
  • [JETI-1356] - Can't create a template with private comments (internal) and can't access issue security level


  • [JETI-848] - JETI mail handler renames .msg file attachments without extension
  • [JETI-907] - Special characters (german umlauts) as garbeld when using Split Regex
  • [JETI-1240] - Unable to send mail: Jira user name / full name not recognized as Jira user
  • [JETI-1241] - Issues created from a Mail Handler context do not set participant fields before sending a reply email
  • [JETI-1290] - URL to configuration are broken
  • [JETI-1353] - Jira Email This Issue Filter Feature gives 500 Error
  • [JETI-1357] - E-mail comments shown as internal (with setting "Always add comments visible to Customers")
  • [JETI-1362] - Set Channel to Email in Service Desk
  • [JETI-1367] - Mail Handler Split Regex behaviour with special characters (e.g. german umlauts)

Version 7.0.23 - Fixes for Inlined images and Service Desk integration