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9.8.0 Improvements and fixes

What's new?

Support for Microsoft Graph API Connections in Incoming Mail Connections

As the first part of supporting Microsoft Graph, the feature is now available for Incoming Mail Connections. From now on, it is possible to set a Microsoft Graph Incoming Connection with OAuth authorization, as a more secure way of reaching your emails. It is also possible to use Microsoft Graph Incoming Connection with a shared mailbox.

Automatic Requeue for Outgoing Mail Connections

If the Retry failed emails automatically toggle is switched on and an email lands on the Outgoing Error Queue an automatic requeue of the failed email happens maximum 3 times in a 15-minute distance.

Search option for Incoming and Outgoing Mail Queues

The Mail Queues can be filtered by the following attributes:

Incoming Mail Queue:

  • Subject

  • Sender Name

  • Sender Address

  • Incoming Mail Connection

Outgoing Mail Queue:

  • Subject

  • Outgoing Mail Connection

Search option for Mail Connections

Both Outgoing and Incoming Mail connections can be filtered by the new search functionality.

What's fixed

  • Support migration to the cloud with MS SQL Database

  • Error message for Manual Email preview button in case of no recipients

  • Small Text email improvements

  • Fixed error in case of too long Message ID

  • Fixed user picker button next to Post Function BCC field

  • Fixed saving of Mail Handlers in case of previously missing fields

  • Fixed Request participants added Template - actor's name is now shown

  • Emails with empty bodies can be processed with a placeholder, if the Description field is required

  • Improvement for broken icons and inline attachments when Jira's Outgoing Connection is used

  • Fixed Manual Email Defaults saving (only new app users were impacted)

  • Improved mail-chaining capabilities of the Mail Handler

  • Security fixes

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